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Growing Up Together

Sep 4, 2019

**ATTN: nudity & sexuality is discussed in this episode. I would rate it PG13**

No, we didn’t go to Burning Man, but the topic came up in our house & the only info we knew was from rumors. So we invited our experienced, artistic friend Travis Hammer to paint a picture of what it’s actually like!

Soft Blue Shimmer...

Aug 21, 2019

What does “getting into acting” really mean? What makes an agent want to represent you? And will my agent give me directions over the phone during a crying panic? Find out when we interview our commercial & theatrical agents from DDO Artists agency! 
Laura Thede & Julie Gutz spill what they are really looking for in...

Aug 8, 2019

Do you have the same musical tastes as your parent/teen? Probably not. Is it uncomfortable when questionable lyrics come on when you are in the car together? Probably yes! Harmony & Elliott discuss their musical differences & similarities such as their musical guest Kid Cadaver who performs their song Sleep Touching...

Jul 30, 2019

“Who’s Line Is It Anyway” is a show where everything is made up on the spot, & some people (like us) take classes to study & preform such improvisation! We invited members, Carrie-Ann Pishnak & Jamison Scala of The Second City Hollywood to do a deep dive into what improv really is. Follow @pishnak,

Jul 23, 2019

Have you every had sleep paralysis? It turns out it’s more common than we thought & that Elliott is not alone. In this episode we discuss our experiences with night time neurosis. 

Josh Kaufman (California Feetwarmers/21st Century Plantasia) & our musical guest Kaela Sinclair (M83/Troye Sivan) share their creepy...